Web Apps

WordPress Plugins

  • Cinema Listings Plugin

    Add great, fresh content to your site with one easy shortcode. Cinema listings from around the world integrated into your site within 60 seconds – keep your visitors coming back time and time again.

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  • Socializr Toolbar

    Unhappy with the current array of social toolbars out there we decided to make one with more flexibility, control and styling options and it’s available right here with multiple options right out of the box.

    More on the social toolbar

  • Interstitial Page Ad

    Make more revenue from your content, with click off, transfer, timed pages you can show relevant and useful ads to your visitors based on an action you define. Great for making your websites – pay.


Web Solutions

  • Bespoke Automation

    We build many customised systems that assist in large data processing projects

  • Fraud Prevention

    Intelligent fraud prevention for eCommerce stores’ transactions

  • Product Categorisation

    Link your Icecat and OpenRange categories to Google’s

    • Highly detailed Product Data

      We have over 6 million lines of product data covering 25,000+ category lines. Including full UPC, EAN and MFPNs with images and improved descriptions in 6 languages.

    • EDI Supplier Feeds

      Data feed solutions for EDI purchasing systems with procurement suppliers and automatic data import from product data banks.

    • Predictive Stock Analytics

      Utilise our predictive analytics package to better automate and plan for stock requirements before they become needed to over 98% accuracy. Stop buying stock that won’t sell.

    • Rapid Data Improvement

      Based around a human centric categorisation and simple learning can improve machine learning with great effects on thousands of lines in just minutes,

    • Fulfilment Services

      Fulfilment and 3PL services from logistical needs to the cloud systems running it. Rent space and get orders shipped faster and more efficiently linked in with dozens of carriers across Europe.

    • Retail Consultancy

      Reap the benefits of our cumulative years of experience in retail across all types. Helping start-ups go from £0 to ~£10m in 2 years.

  • Bespoke E-Commerce

      • High Resillience
      • Incredible data insights
      • Full marketing suite
      • Can handle 1,000,000+ items
  • Agency Web Development

      • We work for many agencies
      • A silent partner in the background
      • Utilise our years of development experience
      • Highly secure and scable solutions
      • Competitive pricing and billing
  • Saas Solutions

      • Run in the Cloud
      • Monthly billing – no caps
      • Enterprise class solution
      • Relied on to serve millions of customers